Save Money and Stay Comfortable in Your Home

Save Money and Stay Comfortable in Your Home

Cool Comfort Air Conditioning & Electric, LLC makes HVAC installation look easy in Pflugerville, TX

If your home is outfitted with an older HVAC unit, you're more than likely losing money on your electric bill every month. To avoid high bills and warm AC, schedule an air conditioning installation. Cool Comfort Air Conditioning & Electric, LLC can replace your outdated unit with a brand-new one in Pflugerville, TX.

You may be thinking: my HVAC system hasn't bitten the dust yet, so why should I invest in a new AC unit? If you continually have to schedule repairs for your unit, all of those repairs add up. Over time, a new HVAC installation is cheaper than continuing to maintain your dilapidated unit. Contact our team today to schedule an HVAC installation.

Is your unit 10 to 15 years old?

The average HVAC unit lasts 10 to 15 years. If your unit is almost 10 years old, you should consider purchasing a new unit. Technology can change a lot in 10 years, so a newer model is going to be more efficient, last longer and save you money every month.

On top of putting money back in your pocket, a new AC unit can help regulate the temperate in your home more evenly. This means that every space in your house can cool or heat at the same rate. No more drafty rooms or cold corners. Call 512-696-6766 now to schedule an air conditioning installation in Pflugerville, TX.