Heating Maintenance

Catch Small Repairs Before They Become Big Problems

Catch Small Repairs Before They Become Big Problems

Schedule routine heating maintenance on your unit in Pflugerville, TX

Everything you own needs maintenance, whether it's your car, your dishwasher or your HVAC unit. By properly maintaining the appliances you use on a regular basis, you can increase their longevity and save money on repairs.

If you have a heating unit that's running inefficiently or on the brink of breaking, your allergies could be flaring up or you may notice that you're constantly uncomfortable in your home. Cool Comfort Air Conditioning & Electric, LLC can perform heating maintenance on your HVAC system in Pflugerville, TX and the major Austin area.

We'll make sure that your furnace is in tiptop shape. You should be able to breathe easily in your own home. Hire our team to perform annual preventive maintenance on your heating unit by calling 512-696-6766 today.

Why do you need furnace maintenance?

By staying on top of small repairs, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. Your HVAC unit is running all the time, whether it's pushing out cold or warm air. Since this massive appliance never gets any downtime, it experiences common problems like:

  • Loose ductwork, due to normal changes in temperature
  • Tight blower motor bearings, because the oil and lubrication has worn off
  • Dirty air filters, which can clog up your entire system with dust
  • Dirty fan blades, from collected dust in your environment
  • Dusty AC condensing coil, since your unit is constantly cycling air
  • Loose blower belts, which have lost their elasticity over time
  • Blocked condensate drains, which keep water and condensation from piling up
  • Loose wiring harnesses, which could cause electrical issues
  • Leaky coolant, which causes your unit to work harder to produce cold air
We'll take care of every aspect of your furnace through our heating maintenance program. Contact our heating contractor right now to schedule routine preventive maintenance appointments.